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Green technology made in Germany
A lasting investment in our future

Worldwide, around 20% of the electric current that is consumed is wasted by inefficient lighting. An important step in the right direction was taken through the Eco-design Directive 2005/32/EC, also called Energy using Products (EuP), which among other things requires doing away step by step with inefficient and environmentally-unfriendly forms of lighting. Incandescent light bulbs with frosted glass and 100 watt light bulbs were the first to disappear from the shelves as a result.

LED technology is an excellent and environmentally-friendly alternative as compared to the older forms of lighting technology. The FARA LED LAMP® from development partners Laser - Med and Vishay Intertechnology was brought up to the stage of readiness for series production against this background. This innovative lighting solution is a high-end product that is ‘Made in Germany’ and designed for use indoors and outdoors. A number of different models are offered, including those for street and tunnel lighting and the illumination of industrial halls and premises, underground garages and parking areas, and also for pedestrian and cycle paths.

The FARA LED LAMP® is environmentally friendly from many points of view. It shines due to its markedly lower power consumption (by up to 50% when compared to the forms of lighting listed above) and thus also because it reduces emissions of CO2 by up to 350 kg per lamp per year. Furthermore, it does not contain mercury or other heavy metals or any poisonous substances. Last but by no means least, it has an exceptionally long working life (> 50,000 hours, depending on the conditions of use).

Since LED’ s do not emit any light in the ultraviolet range, they do not attract insects. The result is that far less cleaning is required than is the case with a conventional light source.

To summarise the ecological balance, the high economic benefit comes in the first instance from the low operating and maintenance costs quite apart from the long working life. The investment costs can be recouped within as little as half a year and thus represent a profitable and ecological solution that shows the way of the future.

Advantages of LED-lighting

  • low power consumption
  • long lifetime
  • directed light
  • high light efficiency
  • EMC-compatible
  • no UV- or IR-irradiation

The Eco-design Directive

The EU Eco-design Directive was adopted in 2005. It establishes a framework under which manufacturers of energy-using products will, at the design stage,
be obliged to reduce the energy consumption and other negative environmental impacts occurring throughout the product life cycle.
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